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View Full Version : 2 Xbox 360's FS/FT

2010-10-24, 08:30 PM
White Xbox 360 arcade that has a Harddrive, controller, and all cables with it. It is still under warranty.$150

Black Xbox 360 Elite with Harddrive, controller, and all cables. $120

Both work perfectly, no RRoD, not banned from xbox live. Received them in trade, and i dont need them since i have a brand new one. Looking to see what i can get out of them. Interested in 96-00 civic stuff, Ipod touch, etc. No car stereo stuff please. Worst i can say is no. PM me with all offers

2010-10-25, 07:51 PM

2010-10-25, 08:03 PM
You know what I have for trade :)

2010-10-25, 08:16 PM
You know what I have for trade :)

Um................no i don't

Duh Slo™
2010-10-27, 11:17 PM
pm me lowest prices on xboxs please and anything else you might want to trade for please and thank you

2010-10-28, 09:16 AM
Price on just the Hard Drive? What size?

2010-10-28, 03:05 PM
Price on just the Hard Drive? What size?

Im not gonna part unless i have buyers for both worked out beforehand, but thats between you and them to work out. Elites have 120g HD, and im not sure on the other one off the top of my head

2010-10-29, 12:24 PM

2010-10-29, 01:40 PM
If you still have them, ill give you 100 for one of them 7856432899

2010-11-02, 11:41 AM
Any stuff still for sale? I have cash.