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View Full Version : FT iphone 3G

civic rides hot
2010-10-26, 09:21 AM
i have a iphone 3g 8 gig with not one thing wrong with it.. just updated it to 4.1... it will come with three cases one being an otterbox white and black... two chargers... car and house.. i would like to trade for an htc or something diff... i have a modded controller for MW2 too and turtle beaches x1's if the trade is of more value... plz text 417-437-5298

civic rides hot
2010-10-29, 08:58 PM
bump... come on guys open to any trades....

2010-10-30, 11:33 AM
i have a htc tp2 it is rooted with the energy rom.. ill trade you straight up.. comes with a charger, it has some scuffs around the phone, but it works flawwlessly..

text me if interested 816-729-1396