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View Full Version : My SS for sale

2010-11-08, 09:05 PM
Selling my single speed to fund a geared 29er bike. It's an 18" Sette Reken frame, fsa headset, truvativ bottom bracket, truvativ stylo ss crankset, truvativ riser, sette venom stem, sette ss conversion kit, mavic tubeless wheels, hutchinson python tires, Hayes mech disc brakes, monitou black air fork. Frame, bottom bracket, stem, ss kit, chain, and headset have less than 15 miles on them. Gearing is 32X18. I just moved and haven't set up my net (posting from my phone), but can email photos from my phone to interested parties.

2010-11-08, 09:32 PM
Guess I should post a price. I want 400 for it.

2010-11-14, 02:26 AM
Bump for a good guy! Mark give me your BMX bike now for free lol

Black Dragon
2010-11-28, 09:08 PM
Bump for a good price.