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View Full Version : Duralast engine Hoist 2 ton -150 delivered

2010-11-27, 08:42 PM
Bought this 5 months ago, used once. 210 brand new, looking to get 150, ill drop it off at your house for no extra charge.

2010-11-27, 08:54 PM
damn thats a good deal i live in kuwait:thumbsup:

2010-11-27, 08:56 PM
Thank you sir. I don't think i can deliver there. :P

2010-11-27, 09:16 PM
well hell bump for a good buyer/seller

2010-11-27, 09:19 PM

2010-11-27, 10:49 PM
Willing to trade for tin roofing, or 2x6'' and 4x4'' a post hole digger. I am a carpenter and fishing kind of guy, so throw some offers at me.

Nothing Gay
2010-11-27, 11:24 PM
$100 PICKED UP?:mrgreen: Really ill throw in 50, and b20teg will throw in 50:mrgreen::mrgreen:

2010-11-27, 11:32 PM
I live two hours south of KC. I bought a boat in Iowa and ill be going through kc soon anyways. I got out of the honda scene for now so i no longer will be needing this. 150 is a damn good deal already. I figure sell this and pay for my gas, for my truck isn't the greatest on milage. I am going to have to respectfully decline your offer. 150 is a good deal and i am firm on the price.

2010-11-29, 09:50 AM
Ill include a BRAND new never used motor stand with a capacity of 1000 lbs for an extra 25 dollars. So for 175 you get an engine hoist and motor stand.

2010-11-30, 03:09 AM
would you be willing to deliver to newton? its a half hour north of wichita? lmk thanks.

2010-11-30, 07:10 AM

2010-12-02, 07:21 AM
This is a pretty decent deal. If someone is interested i need to know asap. I am heading through KC within the week.