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Originally Posted by Username:* View Post
Probably 51's or 52's if I had to guess. My 53 would have put me in the top 15 for PAX (out of almost 100 cars!). Cones had a lot to do with that though. The corner 3 section had a spot where I think every single person took out two cones at one point so a lot of people (myself included) had to back off on their last runs to set a time that would be cone-free.

I have never seen so many cars take out so many cones like yesterday. It was unreal. I think at one point we called in 12 cars in a row in our section.

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This was my best cone-free run of the day. Going out onto the sweeper turn you can see my car at the beginning of the turn kind of squirming to the right and left. That was torque-steer combined with the brakes trying to pretend they can do the job of a LSD.

That course looks like a lot of fun. Kind of sad I didn't go now.

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