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Default March Car of the Month Winner

Without further adieu, here is your winner by a landslide! Congrats Jeff!

I purchased the car new in December of 2009 with plans to just leave it stock... that lasted about 2 months till the snow melted and I added an intake, ported TB, ported intake manifold and C6Z factory exhaust. A few months after that I decided to take it to Heartland Park's road course to see how it did on the track... which then turned into an entire season of track events at both HPT and MAM. After going through a set of tires, a set of brake pads and rotors, a windshield and a gas pedal I decided to retire it from track events and focus on adding some real power. After a call to the guys over at ProCharger to ask about some parts to complete a used kit I was looking at, one thing led to another and soon the car was being dropped off for a blower kit. It came out with the standard P1SC @ 5.5psi making ~510whp, and while that was fun, I knew the D1SC was going to be needed for my future power goals. After swapping on the D1SC and adding my own intake the car put down 630whp @ ~10psi. With this power I was able to hit KCIR before it closed and run a 10.80 @ 134mph. Future plans are to finish installing the rest of my meth injection kit, fuel system and clutch after I get back from TX2k12 and shoot for ~700whp.

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