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Originally Posted by MountainDew View Post
Car looks amazing man. I'm curious, what are the other top 5 all-time favorites of yours? If you could sell it tomorrow and get something else what would it be?
In no particular order:
* 2007 997.1 Porsche 911 Turbo EVT775
* 2008 Chevrolet Corvette C6Z06 (have had 2 of these)
* 2000 Honda S2000 AP1 (have had 5 different S2000's)
* 2005 Subaru STi (have had 5 different STi's)
* 1993 300 ZX Twin Turbo Stage IV (have had 3 TT's)

MFE called it - I have considered selling the car but haven't found anything out there that I would replace it with without blowing a LOT of money on top of it. I am considering buying another GT-R or a new Viper (waiting for some reviews) that way I can still keep my Porsche.

The cars that I have also considered, but that would make me cringe thinking how much savings I would blow (in addition to having to sell my 911), would be a TT Ford GT (always have had a soft spot for these), a TT Gallardo...or a Carrera GT (sigh).

Right now, I am considering one of these options, which are a lot more realistic.

1. Sending my car to EVOMS to jump from the 775 to the 1000R system and move up to the carbon brake set-up.
2. Buying a used 2004-2005 Noble M12GTO 3R - these only have about 400-450rwhp, but they also weigh only about 2400 lbs...that would be a fun car to play with.
3. Buying a used Ultima with the LS7 package...these are VERY hard to find, especially in good condition. But I am always keeping an eye open for them.

We shall see...
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