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Default Military Section Membership

Just wanted to point out a few things to those requesting membership to the "America's Finest" section.

1 - Please put your MOS, job title, or whatever your branch calls it in the remarks. Along with branch, and any other pertinent info you feel is needed. Simply stating "yo im in the military" will get you a deny when looking through the requests. Anyone can say they are in the military and thus get it and that eliminates the purpose of that section. Putting information into the remarks helps legitimize your request. It is only seen by me and the couple other mods in that section, no one else.

2 - THIS IS NOT THE GUNS FORUM. If you want to request access to that section then go to the link that is below that section, not the link below America's Finest.

3 - When you get access to that section, please make an intro thread in there that is more military related than the intro thread you make in here. It will also help to verify your status.

didnt really know where to put this, but figure lurkers and new people will see it in here and that is the target audience. curtis, can i get a sticky for a little bit?
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