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I was working in Greenville, SC for a little over a week and just flew back Sunday, which was my birthday. No gym, just an all in one machine at the hotel.

I went for the 405 Monday when I got back and failed. Got it 4" off my chest and it stuck. The douche canoe spotting me just let it stick and then start to come back down and I had to tell him to fucking help.

This new breed of gym bitch clogging up the weight room is a joke, but it was my only option. I felt a shoulder twinge and called it a day without finishing the workout.

I'm adjusting my approach. Going to work with 300# for reps until I can get 11 clean ones and then go for the 405 again. I went back after it today and the shoulder was fine.

I got 8 reps with the 300#, with a nudge from my spotter on the eighth rep.

Gimme 3-4 weeks and I'll try and hit the goal again!
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