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Originally Posted by DanenGraham View Post
How has your progress been? I know you were trying to drop the body fat and get more cut up. Getting there? Or beer
I'm not really measuring. I was trying to drop body fat. Getting cut up, well sure that would be great but I don't live that lifestyle.

Simply put, I feel better when I'm working out like this. It really works with my lifestyle. After several months of it I took a couple week break. When I got back into it, it was harder, so clearly I had made and lost progress.

Without strict measurements it's hard to quantify that into numbers. I do know that high protein isn't needed with this kind of workout, so I don't need 1g per lb or anything like that. I've actually worked on upping my daily fiber intake up to about 50g and I think that's the kick my diet needed.

Still a lot of tweaking and such to figure my body out. It doesn't seem to respond very easily to anything but low carb which I don't have any interest in keto or shit like that.
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