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Originally Posted by jwdb1fish View Post
Dude. Pound sand.

I've been there, and done without for my family and kids more than I'd like to admit. Is everyone's current situation entirely their fault, absolutely not. But anyone...and I mean anyone can dig their way out in our current system.

I get that our system can't function without winners and losers, but in my humble opinion the difference between being a have and a have not is all about choices in the vast majority of situations.
We're not talking about in a regular functioning economy though. in which I would basically agree with you. I'm talking about when a recession or crash happens. Which only happen because someone is engineering it to happen and allowing the real leeches of the world to suck more and more money out of our country and into their own pockets.
Blessed are the fornicates; May we bend down to be their whores
Blessed are the rich; May we labor, deliver them more
Blessed are the envious
Bless the slothful, the wrathful, the vain
Blessed are the gluttonous; May they feast us to famine and war

Doomed are the poor
Doomed are the peaceful
Doomed are the meek
Doomed are the merciful
For the word is now death
And the word is now without light
The new beatitude:
"Fuck the doomed, you're on your own"
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