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Originally Posted by Oblique View Post
As far as it going to "freeloaders"? I feel sorry for them. Their lives aren't this "welfare queen" life of luxury you guys seem to think it is. These people need therapy, life skills, social skills, work skills. How do you think someone like that gets created and molded? You think these people are happy? You think they want to be miserable free loaders with no future?
But just handing them money does none of that, it just keeps them dependent and voting for more hand-outs (Dems).

Believe it or not, many are happy just existing on other peoples money.

Most people with a good work ethic and initiative do what you did and improve their situation.

About that $$ figure to cap every ones income, $200K?

Once you put a figure out there, people making less will say it's to much, people making more will say it's not enough.

Let the free market decide what people are worth.
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