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Default Sold the Phantom FC40 and preordered a Phantom 3 Professional

I got to the point to where I had made my Phantom FC40 way too overcomplicated so I sold it and preordered the new Phantom 3 Professional that shoots 4k video and 12mp stills.

These all in one pre-packaged quads have come leaps and bounds in terms of technology in the last couple years. I am looking forward to the new range of of the new one and mainly just exploring rural areas. People are getting them out as far as 14,000 feet. My old one would loose its live video stream beyond 1000 feet which made it a pretty limited toy.

Anyway, here is what it looked like when I sold it. It was pretty Frankensteined up but it was great for learning how to modify everything.

In addition to the little factory camera that transmits live video to monitor on the controller, I added a gimbal with a gopro for better video. That made it heavier and reduced flight time so I added dual outboard carbon fiber batter mounts so I can run dual batteries. The added weight of the second battery which double the capacity only netted a few more minutes of flight time. I also added a battery monitor monitor and alarm that would start squawking when they were getting low. Also added a bright as LED headlight that was pretty awesome for flying at night. Anyway, it got to be a pain in the ass to fly because in addition to charging the main battery, there was the controller batteries, monitor batteries, gopro battery and the transmitting camera battery. Way too much for playing around.

I sold that and ordered this, the Phantom 3 Professional.

It does everything my old one did but simplified and oodles better. It only have three things to charge and it send live video back from miles out.

Can't wait to play around with this. Sucky think is that Amazon is not releasing them until June 30th.

Anywho, nothing special. I have been dabbling in photography for a while now and this should be an awesome platform to mess around with.
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