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Hello, I am an employee of Escort Inc, mfr of the Passport 9500ix. I run our official forum and came across this thread about our upcoming next gen detector, the Passport Max. Unfortunately I cannot go into detail about it just yet. We will be releasing more information about it next week.

What I can discuss is the 9500ix. While I absolutely understand that everyone has their preference of radar detectors, there is some mis-information in your review of the Passport 9500ix. Allow me to clarify:

Originally Posted by zef View Post
9500ix has this and it is very useful for preventing false alarms. V1 does not have this functionality. The 9500ix GPS filtering/lockout has a FATAL flaw though ... if a location is locked out, you're going to be screwed when a cop decides to set up his speed trap at that location in the future. The V1 Savvy and V1 Connection app effectively mitigate falses as well as the 9500ix.
Our detectors can display the frequency of each radar alert (called Spec Meter mode). The 9500ix's GPS based false alert filtering (TrueLock) stores the frequency of the false alert signal. It does not ignore the entire radar band of a stored signal (eg X, K, Ka). Unless police are: a) within a small area near the stored signal and b) using a radar gun on the same frequency, then you will be alerted to the police radar while the 9500ix rejects the false alert. In the very rare instance where they are both using the same frequency then you will receive an alert outside of the small false alert area.

The 9500ix has been out for about 5 years now. Should it have a fatal flaw leaving drivers unprotected then this would be all over the internet by now. On the contrary, the 9500ix is the second best selling of all detectors and the best reviewed detector on the largest online marketplace, Amazon. It is one of our most expensive windshield mount detectors and our best selling detector by a large margin.

Originally Posted by zef View Post
The V1 is very well built and is impervious to heat, sun, cold. The case is virtually indestructible. It is very rare for a V1 to fail or need repair.
The 9500ix has a plastic case, and has problems performing in extreme cold or heat. Check the official Escort forums and you'll see MANY MANY complaints about Escorts malfunctioning or breaking. The standard Escort customer service response is that the detector is broken and needs to be shipped in for repairs. I have no confidence in the 9500ix reliability as a result.
I manage our comany's forum which is a customer service focused forum. Of course you are going to see reports of issues there, that's the nature of our forum. What you will also see is a large community of detector users that regularly visit and post, like they do here, and just stop by to say how much they like our products and services. Listening to our customers is one of our key priorities.

The 9500ix is not inherently fragile. It can take the most extreme temperatures you will experience in your car and still perform well year after year. All radar detectors drift out of tune over time, its the nature of the beast. Our detectors digitally calibrate themselves and will notify the user with an error message when they drift out of tune. Other detectors will just not alert leaving you unprotected.

Originally Posted by zef View Post
Software updates, detector upgrades:
9500ix can be updated yourself via USB cable and a PC. Relatively easy to do, but the updater software is buggy. The only updates you're likely to ever see are Defender database updates. Even though they release updates about weekly, I've only seen two MO and no KS updates in the past 8 months.
V1 has to be sent to V1 for updates, and turnaround time is about 2 weeks.
We offer both PC and Mac detector update software. The 9500ix has had several firmware updates over it's lifetime. Firmware updates are always free.
We update our Defender camera database weekly. If the red light and speed cameras haven't changed in your area then that is out of our control.
Originally Posted by zef View Post
9500ix unique features:
TrueLock/GPS filtering - relatively useful, but their Defender database is outdated, has lots of errors and omissions, and does not have a very large userbase providing updates.
Variable speed sensitivity - useless feature.
Autolearn - uses GPS and smart filtering technology to learn and lockout false alarms. Useful feature ... when it works.
Defender database - this database of red light cameras, speed traps, and speed limits would be useful, if the info was frequently updated and accurate. Unfortunately, the red light camera data is often wrong or outdated, it'll alert you to red light cameras that are on nearby roads you're not even driving on, and the speed trap data is worthless. The speed limit data is usually wrong or missing altogether.
Our Defender camera database is the most up to date and accurate camera database in North America. It has won every comparison against other camera databases.

Variable speed sensitivity is only active when you use Auto detection mode. It is VERY useful by not alerting to false alerts when driving slowly in mall parking lots, etc. Only X and K band radar is effected. Above 50MPH and X and K are at full performance. Ka radar is always at maximum performance no matter what detection mode or speed you drive.

AutoLearn and TrueLock has changed what people expect from a detector. False alerts have always been the biggest complaint about detectors. AutoLearn takes care of that while still alerting to threats all with no input from the driver. Just plug it in and let it learn.

Originally Posted by zef View Post
Waze is a free alternative to Escort Live. It has MANY more features, it is extremely stable and bug-free, it is free, and it has a MUCH larger userbase. It works with any radar detector too ... or even without a radar detector. The data in the Waze database is very accurate and updated. Also, it includes all of the real-time and stored data from the Escort Live database!
Waze does not integrate with any radar detector. Escort Live shares detector alerts with out Escort Live users. It is free to use with limited features. If you want to see how many are in your area then download it from iTunes or Google Play.
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