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Hello EscortRadar! First, thank you very much for dropping by and taking the time to read and reply to this thread and my post.

Originally Posted by EscortRadar View Post
Our detectors can display the frequency of each radar alert (called Spec Meter mode). The 9500ix's GPS based false alert filtering (TrueLock) stores the frequency of the false alert signal. It does not ignore the entire radar band of a stored signal (eg X, K, Ka). Unless police are: a) within a small area near the stored signal and b) using a radar gun on the same frequency, then you will be alerted to the police radar while the 9500ix rejects the false alert. In the very rare instance where they are both using the same frequency then you will receive an alert outside of the small false alert area.
My concern was and is that local police frequently shoot radar at the exact same locations in KC, and it's sometimes the same officer who shoots with the same gun at the same exact spot.

Originally Posted by EscortRadar View Post
I manage our comany's forum which is a customer service focused forum. Of course you are going to see reports of issues there, that's the nature of our forum. What you will also see is a large community of detector users that regularly visit and post, like they do here, and just stop by to say how much they like our products and services. Listening to our customers is one of our key priorities.
I'm a member over there too. I joined when I bought my 9500ix last year. It's a very nice forum, and a useful form of customer service and source of info that V1 does not offer btw. I'm also a member on the popular radar detector forums.

Originally Posted by EscortRadar View Post
We offer both PC and Mac detector update software. The 9500ix has had several firmware updates over it's lifetime. Firmware updates are always free.
We update our Defender camera database weekly. If the red light and speed cameras haven't changed in your area then that is out of our control.

Our Defender camera database is the most up to date and accurate camera database in North America. It has won every comparison against other camera databases.
In the KC area, your speed zone data is mostly incomplete and sometimes wrong. My biggest complaint about the RLC data and functionality is that my 9500ix frequently alerted me to RLCs when I was traveling on a parallel or adjacent road (to the road with the RLC)..

Originally Posted by EscortRadar View Post
Variable speed sensitivity is only active when you use Auto detection mode. It is VERY useful by not alerting to false alerts when driving slowly in mall parking lots, etc. Only X and K band radar is effected. Above 50MPH and X and K are at full performance. Ka radar is always at maximum performance no matter what detection mode or speed you drive.

AutoLearn and TrueLock has changed what people expect from a detector. False alerts have always been the biggest complaint about detectors. AutoLearn takes care of that while still alerting to threats all with no input from the driver. Just plug it in and let it learn.
Thanks for the 411.

Originally Posted by EscortRadar View Post
Waze does not integrate with any radar detector. Escort Live shares detector alerts with out Escort Live users. It is free to use with limited features. If you want to see how many are in your area then download it from iTunes or Google Play.
What I meant was that it works with any detector BECAUSE it doesn't require any connection or subscription to a detector. When using my 9500ix, I eventually stopped using Escort Live and instead used Waze. Waze has continued to improve and is light years ahead of Escort Live as far as functionality, features, reliability.

I had problems with Escort Live silently hanging, and silently freezing up or losing connection with the radar detector. I also had the really annoying problem with initial wired and bluetooth connections to my 9500ix. I ALWAYS had to power cycle my 9500ix, disconnect the cable to the Escort Live device, and sometime also kill the app process and restart the app. This added an extra 2-5 minutes to the start of every drive, and became extremely frustrating.

I'm currently using a V1 with latest firmware, and the V1Connection bluetooth based app. I have never had a single problem with establishing or maintaining a bluetooth connection, I've never had to unplug anything, I've never had to powercycle my V1. Consequently, I think my problems with Escort Live were due to app bugs.

I'm looking forward to the release of comprehensive technical info on the Passport Max. If it offers significant advantages and improvements over the 9500ix then I'll probably buy one and try it out. I still have my Escort Live device to use with it. If the Max doesn't appeal to me, then I may wind up getting a discounted 9500ix (I saw the prices have come down) or try a Redline with the new firmware.

All said, thanks for dropping by to post. Please feel free to come by and post anything, anytime. I'd especially like to see Max info when you can post that. If you don't post it, I'll make sure to post details and links to Escort, reviews, etc as soon those appear online.
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