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Originally Posted by JohnnyBravo View Post
Maybe I"m in the minority, but I sold my V1 to get the 9500ix and don't regret it at all.

The V1 falsed so much, that I started just ignoring it altogether.

The 9500ix with GPS never gives false alerts. If it goes off, there is a cop around. I will trade the arrows for no more false alarms. I don't really care where the cop is. If the 9500 goes off, he's somewhere close and I slow down.
I have not tried any of the Escort brand detectors, so I can only give input on my V1 experience.

I have had issues with my V1 not alerting me either at all, or well after I already spotted the LEO by eye.

Also no radar detector is going to offer enough advanced warning with the "Instant-On" or Pop or whatever its called that is common around KC. For example, by the time the V1 alerts you, its already too late and you have been "hit".

End result is that I ended up selling my V1 to a friend.

I do miss it at times, but the false alerts even in "City" mode were still way too high for me to really "trust" it when I was given an alert.

I think when money starts falling from trees I will end up getting a lazer intercepter and use it in conjunction with a detector.

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Originally Posted by rolln_on_em
I love MB's but damn they are expensive to own.
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