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Originally Posted by Henry View Post
I have not tried any of the Escort brand detectors, so I can only give input on my V1 experience.

I have had issues with my V1 not alerting me either at all, or well after I already spotted the LEO by eye.

Also no radar detector is going to offer enough advanced warning with the "Instant-On" or Pop or whatever its called that is common around KC. For example, by the time the V1 alerts you, its already too late and you have been "hit".

End result is that I ended up selling my V1 to a friend.

I do miss it at times, but the false alerts even in "City" mode were still way too high for me to really "trust" it when I was given an alert.

I think when money starts falling from trees I will end up getting a lazer intercepter and use it in conjunction with a detector.
First thing to do with the V1 is to put it in Advanced Logic mode. In the KC area, you can also turn off X band detection altogether with advanced programming. If your V1 didn't go off, it's most likely because the cop didn't shoot you, was using laser, or using instant on KA band. Placement of your V1 can also make a huge difference. If near the dash / base of windshield, you'll get substandard performance (but maybe slightly better laser detection).

For a radar detector to really be useful you need to:
* use a laser jammer with it (ie. Laser Interceptor brand)
* have a complete understanding of how the radar detector works
* configure/program the radar detector properly
* have a thorough understanding of radar guns and how cops use them
* have great situational awareness
* use an app like Waze to take advantage of crowd-sourced real time speedtrap data
* know where the cops always set up speed traps (very predictable)
* know when NOT to speed - ex. rush hour, or when you're first one in the pack and there's no car ahead to get hit with radar and alert you, etc.
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