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Originally Posted by Oblique View Post
It's times like this I'm glad I don't have kids. I'll be the first to admit I would never be able to handle something like this. Can't imagine what those parents have been going through.
When I was younger, around 13 (im 32 now) a very close family friend had their daughter disappear like this. It was 1996. She worked at subway, with a monster who did a 20 year stretch. He ended up getting out and being hired as the night manager at subway. He killed her and dumped her in the trash. Even had the audacity to call her mother the next day and say she wasn't at work. Needless to say, she ended up in the Cleveland garbage dump never to be seen again. Larry Wade is his name. During his plea bargain, he got to pick which prison he would stay in. Poor Stacey Balas. She was 25.
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