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I received my first-ever buzz cut last Thursday and I'm loving it.

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him even if we have a thousand advantages, but he does not love you,burberry soldes,

this is the one you never be able to convince himself to accept the shortcomings.

the greatest disadvantage of a person is not selfish, passionate, brutal, headstrong, but a paranoid love does not love themselves.

crush is a kind of self-destruction, is a great sacrifice. crush,

, do not even need the object,air jordan, however we stand by the river,

looking at its own reflection, self-pity, but thought he was love with someone.


love and love songs, the highest state of lingering curl.

the most poignant and not revenge, but regret.

best love is bound to regret. That regret turned into a lingering curl, long look on.

the most poignant love without screaming in pain, just the same care speechless.

disappointed, and sometimes is a blessing.

something to look forward, will be disappointed. the

regret, but also a blessing. Because there are things you regret.

search for love, and then found love, never a thousands of back.


most romantic love is not.

the most romantic love words, which has been parted with you people call to ask:

Common answer:

strong men disguised, that the fear of the woman found him weak.

woman disguised happiness, that the fear of man found her sad


love, sometimes a matter of sink things, the so-called intellect and determination of the

, but ridiculous and self-comforting to speak. the

love has always been a constraint to the pursuit of love does not mean that the pursuit of freedom.

freedom is precious, and we use this most precious thing in exchange for love.

because you love someone, knowing that the loss of freedom, but also willing to make a commitment.


promise is used to contend with all the changes.

changes originally eternal, we only use the promise of eternal constraints the changing of things.

can not be eternal, it is not a promise. The promise is very expensive, if you respect your own personality. The

Love is a sense of security and insecurity.

Love is a shock, but also a sense of powerlessness.

Love is a temptation, only love can give you the strength to resist temptation. Love is loyalty, but love will make you betray.


Ungrateful, perhaps because of his poor memory.

he had forgotten, so he can Ungrateful; not because he is ungrateful, he had forgotten.

before all, he was not completely forgotten, but his memory is so bad, the past is no longer deep

soon be replaced by new memories only to remember the laughter of the new, forget the old people's faces. love and remembrance of

are two different things.

men forget the old lover, must be in the past years, he has hurt her, that it was a fault of the

, he could not make up.

when knowingly irreversible, the only compensation method is missed, but also to punish her remembrance.

opinionated profound but self-deceiving to speak.


understand love woman usually lost badly. the

love has always been cruel, winner takes all. can transfer the feelings of the

, marriage can be frozen,

passion can be overdrawn, love a good price and sell.

, in this small city, this is our life.

today's stay together, just do what only.

the safest and most timely manner, or stay together and their own.

(15) the most beautiful state of

a coin, is not static,

but when it is the same as the gyroscopic rotation, no one knows,

about to turn out the side of pleasure or pain, love or hate.

pleasure and pain, love and hate, always kept a struggle. the

so-called fate, and inventions are derived from accidental.

love is an invention, you need to constantly improve.

only, this invention with other inventors is not the same, it does not have a patent at any time give people robbed.


more afraid to lose, the more likely to lose.

want more, the more you want to let go. To let go is difficult, but have no choice.

There is a lot of things can be undone,

conscience, such as body weight. Irreparable more

such dreams, such as years, for example, a person's feelings.

to give up the pain of a love you do not,jordan shoes, give up a talent you love is suffering.


food labels,burberry pas cher, indicating that a woman is not food

youth term endurance period,

before the expiration of the period to love her,louboutin pas cher, take good care of her because she was Latecomers may not be .

things sometimes, to embrace, love also the timing.

love, give birth, old age, sickness, death. Love always knew it expired.

day, we put it out before we know it is the most vivid day in the past forever.


feel when she did not stop,

So, do not have together completed part of road,

back to find the feeling of those scattered on the ground, the road has been completed. most sentimental moment in the

love the cold of late, one who ever loved you,

suddenly very far away from you, right close by, but it is the End of the World.

has caused a sensation, had one thousand, once complacent once was cut.

to the end of the saddest break up turned out to be silent.


meet there to leave,burberry, but everyone is afraid to leave.

we all know, the last parting is death.

our mouth to say Can you not go.
like the previous : I think you ... Next: When I walked away

(the sweet


start then there is boredom, habits, abandonment, loneliness,louboutin, despair and sneer

have been eager to work with a people to stay together, and later, how glad he left the

Once upon a time, in a short period of time,

thought deeply in love with a person.

later, we know

it was not love, it is just lying to yourself.


you think people can not lose, not originally not lose

the you your tears, will be another one to make you laugh,
you heartbroken, and then does not love you

simply not worthy of your sad, look back

, is it not a comedy? when

love to do, a brand new realm,

to all the sad history.


love always imagine more beautiful than reality,

meet the case, say goodbye to so is.

We think that love is very deep, very deep,abercrombie,

day, when you know it just is very shallow, very shallow.

deepest heaviest love must grow up with. of


love's sake, two strangers

can suddenly be familiar to sleep in the same bed.

However, the same two people, in breaking up, say, I think you are getting strange.

love two people from the unfamiliar to become familiar with, but also by the familiar become unfamiliar.

love is a one to strangers become lovers, turn a couple into a stranger's game.


believe that love can make a change,

young benefits, but also the young sad. the

prodigal son is always prodigal. Make a man change

may be the love of God or the Buddha's mercy, but certainly not a woman.

not suitable for marriage is the prodigal son, the most appropriate to get married is the prodigal son.

is often not a woman change a prodigal son, but the woman just appeared in the prodigal son would like to change.


want a man's life, but for a woman to do two things:

beyond her imagination, and than she imagined bad.

women with his good to forgive his bad.

If one day they can not be together, not too bad, but she was very good.

our lives,burberry, to remember and to forget things as much.

memory cells inside the body, never separated, and the flesh to destroy it, equal to crash and burn.

However, some things must forget, forget the pain, forget the favorite of the people you hurt, so be it. of


time will make you understand the love, time can prove that love,franklin marshall, to love overthrow.

a sad can not be mitigated.

If time can not make you forget those people should remember the years we have lost what is the significance?

if all the sorrow, pain, failures are false, and that nice?

Unfortunately, there are quite a false heart, their pain, failure, sadness, has chosen to always be true.


do not know why the heart suddenly had

this world too many people hurt

has no right to ask for so much

yourself or your surrounding is also experienced such a thing? If you not see yourself,franklin marshall, then try to look at the surrounding people and things, you will find that people live the life of their lips said.
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