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Unread 2012-10-09, 05:55 PM   #26
Mike V
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I really liked mine for the first year but they keep changing the design of the mask and now it sometimes touches my nose when I move. Sometimes I wake up and the mask is laying on the floor and I don't remember taking it off. It makes me wish that I kept my old masks to see what they changed. There is a support ridge on the inside that I think they made bigger and it's just enough to barely touch my nose.

It was difficult to get used to it the first month but now it doesn't bother me having it on (until it starts to tickle my nose).

When I can keep the thing on overnight, 6 hours of sleep makes me feel better than 8 hours does without the mask.
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Unread 2012-10-10, 09:34 PM   #27
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I work for a company that sells/rents CPAP machines as well as a variety of DME and can attest that they are effective in treating several conditions but usually are for people w/ sleep apnea. They are definitely cost prohibitive without insurance and require documentation of one of several medical conditions (unless you have Aetna, in which case you don't need shit for documentation.)

They are definitely not just for snoring but I do believe a lot of people are tested for OSA because of the complaints of the spouse/significant other. Some people love their CPAP and say they can't imagine going w/o it whereas other people absolutely hate them and cannot/will not get used to them and will end up not using them. Obesity is a characteristic of many people w/ OSA, but you cannot just go to your doctor and say - "Hey, I'm a fat guy and I think I need a CPAP cuz I snore a lot at night and can't breathe through all the layers of blubber." It requires a one (and sometimes multi-) night sleep study be done by an accredited laboratory and that test must indicate that you have an abnormally high level of apneas and hypopneas. I've been working more w/ oxygen than CPAP this year so the requirements are a little hazy to me now. Suffice to say, this equipment definitely serves a medical purpose...
EJ8 Squad
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Unread 2012-10-11, 12:54 PM   #28
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Honduh what company are you working for if you don't mind me asking?
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Unread 2012-10-11, 11:46 PM   #29
Ryan D
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Sleep apnea is definitely serious condition and like Ethan said obesity is a very big contributor (if not just the root cause) of it. It's serious enough that truck drivers have to have the data from their CPAP downloaded when they get their DOT physical and must show being compliant with its use.

Spouses complaining about snoring is the least of the worries.
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Unread 2012-10-15, 02:52 AM   #30
Drag Coefficient
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sleep apnea is a bitch. you have no idea what its like and may think its all about obesity...I was informed that no matter how much weight lost it never will completely go away. Said it is neurological and that the muscles that keep the passage way open arent being kept open when you sleep. snoring is an indication of it but stopping breathing is. I sleep ok on my side or stomach but never restful, when I slept on my back during the study I stopped breathing 1-2 times a minute. You can say all you want about obesity causing it, but my father has it and at the time of being diagnosed was 225lbs and 6' tall. Hardly obese.
The shitty thing is that it effectively perpetuates itself and even makes apnea worse. Stress on your body from not reaching REM sleep, and lack of the metabolism spike you have during deep sleep, causes weight gain. Tired from lack of restful sleep makes you eat more cause you feel like you have no energy.

dreading going to sleep causing insomnia because of how it makes you feel during and after you wake up... you just cant understand until you've had it.
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