Red Light Camera Revenue Program in Kansas City MO

Table of Contents

I. What They Are
II. Why You Should Care
III. Where They Are In Kansas City Missouri
IV. How They Work
V. What To Do After You Get A Ticket
VI. What To Do Before You Get A Ticket
VII. Additional Information

I. What They Are

Basically, red light cameras (aka "photo radar" or "photo enforcement") refer to an integrated system composed of cameras, flashes, and sensors installed at a public roadway intersection. If you run a red light, the camera snaps pictures of your license plate, and stores the pictures. The police dept, or a red light camera company employee, reviews the pictures, and then sends you a violation ticket with a fine that you have to pay. [Wikipedia definition]

City of Kansas City Missouri Web Page About The Cameras:
old link:
new link (as of 2009-10-14):

II. Why You Should Care

Top 15 Reasons Why You Should Care
  1. No clear proof that red light cameras reduce accidents or save lives (but they usually do generate lots of revenue for the city!). [source]

  2. Red light cameras might actually cause more rear end collisions, because people brake suddenly at yellow lights to avoid red light camera tickets. That's ironic, isn't it?

  3. The red light camera system might not be functioning properly, or might not be properly calibrated, and you could get stuck with a bogus ticket as a result. I wonder why the company that manufactures the system doesn't want to release the source code ... hmmmm.

  4. If somebody else is driving your car and runs a light, YOU are responsible for the ticket.

  5. You might have a bunch of red light cameras along your daily route, and thus be unfairly targeted.

  6. Most of the Kansas City red light cameras are located in areas with higher minority populations and lower income populations. Isn't that discrimination?

  7. Cities and red light camera companies often reduce the green->yellow->red light cycle time (aka "signal timing") at intersections so more people will run the light, and get a ticket, and pay the $100+ fine ... and consequently increase revenue for the city and/or red light camera company that shares in ticket fine proceeds. An unfortunate side effect of this practice is an increase in accidents and injuries.

  8. Steve Worley, the city traffic engineer who pushed for the red light camera system use, quit his job and went to work for the company that got the contract to supply red light cameras to the city. *cough* conflict of interest *cough* *cough* wonder if somebody made a quick buck on that deal ... *cough* [source]

  9. City employees and other people with connections in city hall often get their tickets dismissed. But YOU still have to pay your fine.

  10. Red light camera tickets are a bogus revenue generator for the city that ultimately comes out of YOUR paycheck.

  11. If you supposedly run a red light and get issued a ticket, the ticket is mailed to you. What happens if the ticket gets lost in the mail? You'll probably never know about the ticket until you're arrested for failure to pay the fine (and find yourself in a jail cell with 5 large men who want to rape you).

  12. Hearsay (i.e. there is no certifiable witness to the alleged violation). "Ordinarily, if you wish to use a document or letter as evidence in court, you need to bring in a live person to testify as to its authenticity and accuracy (and he can be cross-examined about the same, by your opponent). Without that 'live' authentication, the document would be ruled to be 'hearsay,' and it would be excluded from evidence. There is an exception to the hearsay rule, for documents created by a government employee - but many of the documents the police present in court have been created by a private company's employees, who have no official duty to report accurately." In other words, if you want to contest the ticket in court, you're probably screwed. [source one, source two]

  13. This type of enforcement emphasizes ticket volume. [source]

  14. Red light cameras encourage artifically low speed limits, and adversely affect traffic flow. [source]

  15. There are better alternatives to red light cameras. [source]

III. Where They Are In Kansas City Missouri

Red-light cameras are now active at the following locations:
  • 39th Street and Southwest Trafficway
    (39.056900°, -94.595482°)
  • W. 79th Street and Wornall Road
    (38.985023°, -94.594566°)
  • E. 63rd Street and Prospect Avenue
    (39.012432°, -94.556183°)
  • 39th and Main streets
    (39.056465°, -94.586113°)
  • E. 19th and Walnut streets
    (39.090302°, -94.582565°)
  • 27th Street and Southwest Trafficway
    (39.078491°, -94.593948°)
  • U.S. 71 Highway (Bruce R. Watkins Drive) and 55th Street
    (Southbound: 39.026520°, -94.554329°) (Northbound: 39.026436°, -94.553276°)
  • U.S. 71 Highway (Bruce R. Watkins Drive) and 59th Street
    (Southbound: 39.019234°, -94.554802°) (Northbound: 39.019218°, -94.553833°)
  • U.S. 71 Highway (Bruce R. Watkins Drive) and Gregory Boulevard
    (Southbound: 38.997974°, -94.556046°) (Northbound: 38.997959°, -94.554886°)
  • North Oak Trafficway and Vivion Road
    (39.181190°, -94.576668°)
  • N.W. 68th Street and U.S. 169 Highway
    (39.217392°, -94.589455°)
  • Winner Road and I-435
    (39.106621°, -94.486198°)
  • 23rd Street and I-435
    (39.082222°, -94.490532°)
  • U.S. Highway 71 and Red Bridge Road
    (38.924294°, -94.527740°)
  • Bannister Road and I-435
    (38.953300°, -94.529633°)
  • Bannister Road and U.S. Highway 71
    (38.953800°, -94.540100°)
  • N.E. Barry Road/Missouri Highway 152 and North Flintlock Road
    (39.244766°, -94.465363°)
  • I-435 and Wornall Road
    ( 38.940483°, -94.596748°)


View Red Light Cameras in Kansas City MO in a larger map

Google Maps: Red Light Cameras in Kansas City MO

Use Google Earth To View The Red Light Cameras

IV. How They Work

The system activates when motion is detected just prior to the stop bar AFTER the traffic signal has turned red. The cameras capture two images of an alleged violation, taken from the rear of the vehicle.
  • The first image shows the vehicle at the white stop bar and the illuminated red light.
  • The second image shows the violator in the middle of the intersection with the illuminated red light.
  • The license plate image is a close-up from one of the images captured.
Data, including the time, date, and duration of the yellow and red light, also is recorded. Cameras also record a 12-second digital video of the violation, including six seconds prior to and six seconds after running the red light.

Why does the camera flash when no one actually runs the red light?
The red-light safety camera system is designed to take two rear photographs of a vehicle that may be committing a violation. The first rear image captures the vehicle prior to entering the intersection with the traffic signal red, and the second image shows the vehicle continuing through the intersection during the red signal phase.

On occasion, a vehicle approaching an intersection with a red light may come to a stop before entering the intersection, yet trigger the red-light camera system, causing the flash to discharge. In addition, a vehicle approaching the intersection making a right turn may not come to a complete stop, but only slow before continuing to turn, triggering the red-light safety camera system and causing the flash to discharge.

Who determines if a violation has occurred?
The Kansas City, Missouri Police Department reviews each violation event captured by the red-light camera system and makes the final decision to issue a Notice of Violation. All flash incidents do not equate to a violation.


V. What To Do After You Get A Ticket

Bend over and take it in the ass.

Or fight it. I was going to compile a bunch of great information for this section, but Nick Charles did a better job already:
Kansas City Red Light Camera Program We had planned on drop-kicking writing about some self-rightous JOCO morons newer JOCO blogs when this landed in our in-box:
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Jan. 15, 2009 First red-light camera installation to be active Jan. 22 Initial installation includes 30-day warning period The City of Kansas City, Mo., Public Works Department today announced that installation is nearly complete on the City's first red-light safety cameras. The safety cameras will be installed at the intersection of Southwest Trafficway and W. 39th Street and begin operation Jan. 22. There will be a 30-day warning period for the first red-light safety camera installation. Warnings will be sent to vehicle owners by mail.

Normally we would figure a City's gotta do what a City's gotta do and go about our business. However, this time a few points need be made.

1)Unless the City of Kansas City sends tickets via registered mail with a return receipt, there is absolutely no guarantee that any recipient will ever receive a ticket.

My guess is that the tickets generated from the new photo enforcement cameras will be posted - at best - via First Class mail. However, it is far more likely the citations will be sent at bulk rates.

Do you get all of your mail? I know I don't and I can damn sure say the two families that lived here before us don't.

If I don't receive a ticket (for the sake of argument let us assume I am the sort of scofflaw that drives without a seatbelt and blows through red lights while drinking a vodka/tonic ... in an open container!), how am I to know the City will soon be issuing a bench warrant for my arrest?

2) If that 'Artist's Rendering' I've linked to is anywhere near accurate, the cameras do not espy the drivers of any of the rogue vehicles. For all Kansas City knows, the red light running car may be ... Knight Rider!!! And you want to ticket me? Asshats.

Granted, a more likely scenario is that Asta has borrowed the car to run up to QT and buy all their candy, but still, the point is the same.

(What? You think it unlikely that a 6 year old would be driving? Pshaw, I say. How do you know I don't live in MM's neighborhood, where 6 year olds not only drive, but carjack, sling crack, pimp their mommas and shoot people that step on their feet?)

The problem here is the burden of proof remains with the owner of the car.

3) The U.S. Postal service.

Yes, I know they're fellow Federal employees. But, and this is a big but, they're only quasi-Federal employees. And they lose shit. ALL THE FUCKIN' TIME. So, you might actually receive the ticket ... right after a cop hauls you in on the bench warrant.

4) Computers. Wi-Fi. Infrared. Servo-mechanical I/O stuff. Fog. Rain. Blinding heat. Bird shit. Morons with dumdum guns that damage the units. In short, faulty readings. Who you gonna call?

No one, that's who.

If you can't call anyone, perhaps you could start mailing people. I might (just as a hypothetical example, you understand) mail a letter upon receiving an erroneous ticket. I might mail this letter to the Chief of Police of the KCPD, the Director of Traffic Engineering, the Director of Public Safety, and the City Clerk. The requested information is within my right to obtain as part of my defense and the City would have an obligation to produce the information.

Here's what I might pen:

TO: The City of Kansas City Chief of Police
The City of Kansas City DIrector of Traffic Engineering
The City of Kansas City Director of Public Safety
City Clerk, The City of Kansas City
FROM: Owner of { make, model year }

Dear Directors and City Clerk,

I am requesting the following records and/or materials, all of which pertain to The City of Kansas City's red light camera systems.

A. The original contract between your agency and its red light camera vendor, with all attachments or exhibits. All updates, amendments, extensions, renewals, or revisions thereto.

B. For each "intersection approach" or "approach" (defined as a red light camera or cameras monitoring any or all lanes of traffic entering an intersection from a single compass direction) within your jurisdiction, the monthly (or if 'monthly' not available, other periodic) tabulation or tally of citations recorded, issued, discarded, and paid (fine collected), from the onset of the program to the present.

C. All invoices from said vendor to your agency, or other requests to pay vendor, with all attachments or exhibits thereto. Also, a list of all payments made to vendor, or if that is not available, for each payment made, a voucher, check stub, counterpart or other evidence of payment.

D(1). For red light camera installations within your jurisdiction, your "uniform guidelines for screening and issuing violations and for the processing and storage of confidential information ..." as mentioned within your vehicle code. Or, an otherwise-entitled document(s) having the same subject.

D(2) The procedures to ensure compliance with those guidelines, or, an otherwise-entitled document(s) having the same subject.

D(3) Your guidelines for selection of locations of red light cameras, or, an otherwise-entitled document(s) having the same subject.

Please provide each record or material in (D) above in its original form or edition. Please also provide all updates, new editions, or revisions, with appropriate notation as to the record or material's date.

E. A complete list of all red light camera citations dismissed within the last year.

F. All materials of any kind, created or dated January 1, 2007 to the present and relating to any intersection that presently is, or is to be, the site of photo enforcement, reflecting or discussing any of the following: traffic congestion there, corrective measures taken or needed to be taken there (including enforcement of traffic laws via either traditional methods or via photo enforcement), or other traffic-related problems there. please provide any material reflecting how said photo enforced intersection(s) ranked, in terms of safety or accidents, when compared to other, not necessarily photo-enforced, intersections in your jurisdiction.

Please also provide, for all intersections regardless of whether they are photo enforced, or not, any material reflecting juridiction-wide rankings in terms of safety or accidents.

G. The staff report, with any attachments, from any public hearing held on the red light camera system and all newspaper notices of said public hearing.

H. The signal timing charts for all intersections presently having red light camera installations (or where such an installation has been approved for construction), reflecting the present signal timing settings. Also, any previous versions of said charts reflecting different signal timing settings in use January 1, 2007 or thereafter. If for any said charts the revision or creation date would not be evident and clear from reading the requested photocopy, please add appropriate notations or attach a cover letter.

I. For each of the intersections described in (H) above (including those approved for construction), the radar speed survey(s) applicable to any portion, within 1/2 mile, of a there-intersecting street whose traffic is subject to photo enforcement. (This request excludes surveys of streets that are soley the completion place of photo enforced turning movements.) Said surveys should include both the current survey and any earlier version that ws applicable or in effect anytime after January 1, 1999. Said surveys should cover both directions of travel at each surveyed location, and should include at a minimum, the field technician's chart of individual driver's speeds actually measured, and the traffic engineer's discussion pf the speed limit chosen.

J. Any other staff report (with any attachments) regarding red light cameras and which was presented to the City Council or city commissions or boards after January 1, 2007.

K. The first ten (10) citations issued for each approach during the month of ________ 2009, as well as the last ten (10) issued during that month for each approach. Confidential information that would identify the driver ('PII' data) should be redacted, but direction of movement (straight through, left, right, eastbound, westbound, etc.) should be preserved.

Nick Charles

Please note:

a.) This request is for copies of the above documents or materials, to be mailed to me. However, if any of these documents are available in electronic form, please email them to me at: nick AT

b.) This request is for CERTIFIED copies of the above records or materials. If I wish to have you provide me my own copies of any said record(s) or materials, I will make that request at, or after, the time of inspection.

I might also write a second letter, said letter to be mailed to the City Attorney:


TO: The City of Kansas City
Mr./Mrs./Ms Whomever, Esq.
Office of the City Attorney
ATTN: Discovery Clerk
City Hall
Kansas City, yadda yadda, yadda

Re: Discovery Request
Citation No. _________________

To the Office of the City Attorney:

I represent myself in the above-referenced matter. I am hereby giving notice that I am requesting disclosure and production of the following materials and information within fifteen (15) days of the date of service of this request:

1. The names and addresses of all witnesses who may be called to testify against th defendant at the trial.

2. All statements regarding this case, whether written or oral, made by any potential witness in this case, whether or not the prosecution intends to call them at trial. The contents of any such oral statement must be disclosed only to the extent that they are not presently contained in police reports or citations given to the defendant, but the City must disclose all additions to, deletions from, denials, explanations and clarifications of such statements contained in the police reports and citations, including all tangible evidence which relates to this case, whether ot not the prsecution intends to introduce the evidence at trial.

3. All handwritten notes and/or case memorandums, if any, made by any agent or employee of the City's red light camera contractor, regarding the officer's, agent's or employee's conversations or interviews with witnesses and/or the defendant in the present case, or regarding his review of documents, citations and photographs, and written report based on those conversations, interviews, or review of said materials.

4. All reports of experts, police officers, service technicians, and investigators made in conjunction with the case involving the results of physical or mental examinations and/or scientific tests, including but not limited to the results of those who examined the photographs, registration records, and data collected in order to request that prosecution be initiated in this matter, together with the reports and results of those who examined the technology and made any such conclusions that the technology was calibrated and/or in proper working order.

5. Examination of any books, papers, documents, photographs, tangible objects or other physical evidence which the City intend to use in the trial or which were obtained or created in the investigation, initiation, or service of the case against the defendant (including proof of service, certificate of mailing, or other evidence of mailing). Copies of all exhibits, including any diagrams, charts, or system logs, the City intend to present at the trial. Defendant pro Se herein requests to make an appointment to view the original exhibits in advance of the trial. please also assure that if any provided photos were originally recorded "digitally", the photos provided under this discovery are also in digital form.

6. Copies of all photos or videos taken of the defendant or of the vehicle he is alleged to have been driving, at or near the time of the alleged violation in this case. this request includes, but is not limited to, copies of the photgraphs allegedly taken during defendant's ahheged encroachment into the aformentioned intersection, and copies of the additional modified phot-enlargements depicting a close-up driver's image and a clos-up license plate photo. please assure that all copies of photographic material (still or video) are the same resolution as the originals, and that all copies of videos are the same length and "frame rate" (frames per second/FPS) as the originals. please also assure that is the original photos were "digital", the copies provided are also in a digital form.

7. Examination of all original photographs, digital images, superimposed images, transparencies, slide, diagrams, motion pictures and/or video tapes, composites or likenesses shown to or reviewed by witnesses and prospective witnesses in this case for the purposes of establishing the identity of suspects in the crime charged against the defendant; and all reports concerning the display of such to said witnesses.

8. All laboratory, technician and other reports concerning the testing and examination of said physical evidence. this request includes the calibration and maintenance documents for the red light camera device(s) installed at the subject intersection (noted above), and the calibration and maintenance documents for the traffic signals at said intersection thereto. This request also specifically includes all documents pertaining to signal timing for all traffic signals at said intersection. This information should include copies of timing requirements, warrant requirements and specifications for all yellow light phases at aid intersection. it should also include copies of any changes or alterations in light phase duration since the installastion of the traffic signal lights, including any changes in light phase duration since the installation of the automated enforcement system at said intersection.

9. Investigation, maintenance, and repair reports pertaining to this case or cases that allegedly occurrd within one month before and one month after the alleged violation in this case, whether written or oral, by the office of the city attorney, the City's police department, the City's red light camera contractor, or any other investigators, technicians, subcontracxtors, or repair workers.

10.(a) A copy of the City's guidelines for screening and issuing violations and for the processing and storage of confidentail infornmation and its procedures to ensure compliance with those guidelines.

10(b) A copy of the City's guidelines for selection of location, as effective on the date of the alleged violation.

11. A copy of the signed and dated contract between the City and the camera contractor, as effective on the date of the alleged violation, including all attachments or "exhibits" thereto. All updates, amendments, extensions, renewals, or revisions thereto.

In additions, the defendant also requests the following information and materials favorable to the accused and material either to guilt or punishment (Brady v. Maryland (1963) 373 U.S. 83, 83S. Ct. 1194), or mandated by the United States Constitution.

12. Exculpatory evidence, i.e., any evidence, information, documents and other materials favorable to the defendant in the possession of the office of the city attorney, or of any police department involved in the investigation of the case against the defendant, or of any agency or person and available to the prosecution through the exercise of due dilligence. This request item includes copies of the logs for the operation of the camera system during the hour before and the hour after the alleged violation.

13. The names and addresses and copies of the citations of all those individuals who have also been charged with the same violation arising at the same intersection on the same date as the defendant.

Materials concerning the constitutionality of red light camera enforcement program:

14. The traffic accident history for each intersection with an installed red light camera unit in the city for the years 1998 through the present. This request includes summaries, accident reports, investigation reports and records, associated memoranda and statistical complications. this request pertains to all traffic accidents, regardless of cause.

Materials concerning the slective and discriminatory enforcement of the red light camrea enforcement program:

15. And and all records, notices, tickets, rports and/or photographs taken or issued by the red light camera program and which did not reslt in prosecution. This request includes any error logs delivered or required to be delivered to the operations manager (or other supervisor of said program) and further includes, but is not limited to, a failure to issue for any or all of the following reasons:

A. The driver could not be identified.

B. City/County/Government vehicle or employee.

C. Warning ticket issued.

16. The following is disclosed to you:

A. Names and addresses of witnesses (other than defendant) who will testify at trial:

() None

() The following:

B. Relevant unprivileged written or recorded statemets of witnesses:

() None.

() See attached.

Defendant asks that this request be treated as a continuing request through the completion of the trial. Do not hestitate to contact me if I can be of asistance of any kind. Thank you for your prompt attention regarding this matter.

Nick Charles

Of course, I would send the letters via registered mail with a return receipt.

It's not that I believe the City would claim that they didn't receive my missives, but ... well, you know.

I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one here at WNBTv, our beautiful imaginary news organ. But my gut says the City has to give me a hearing within 90 days. I will arrange to be early to that hearing. And I will check in and procede to give notice that I will only wait for 30 minutes after the scheduled hearing time, whereupon I will begin charging the City $200 per hour, plus attorney fees.

However ... it may not get to that.

That's a lot of requested documents.

Moreover, the nature of some of the documents will undoubtedly make the City queasy to release; some of that information might damage the red light camera program should it become public. For example, how the monitored intersections are chosen. Several other blogs and news outlets have publicly speculated that the city is most concerned with revenue and will choose/have chosen intersections based on income rather than traffic accident history.

Then there is the issue of the City employees. In other cities, very often the local government finds itself under legal assault - think class action suit - from its own employees who get nailed by the cameras.

Additionally, the sheer volume of documents involved is daunting. And should every Joe and Jane Doe in Kansas City decide to take a similar approach ... oh, my, that's all I can say.

In fact, I can hear lawyers all across town either giggling or having conniption fits as word of this post slowly leaks out. Trust me on this; it may not make the news but it IS going to be argued about in the better law offices all day.

Maybe all week.

by Nick | January 15, 2009 | 11:29 pm

LMTD from over on mocarry submitted this idea which seems simple and easy to remember ...

Defense: Not guilty. Your honor I was not driving. Your honor I also am not testifying.

If they say exactly that and nothing more and plead the 5th on any other questions, red light cams become a thing of the past as it HAS to be dismissed.

If they tend to ramble or think they can say more to help themselves they are WRONG and in fact, if they cross the line of testifying, they HAVE to answer questions as they have already testified.

Net result is few will do it as the fine is cheaper than the day off work, but if they make the choice be sure they understand, it is totally impossible to enforce red light cams.Just never testify, not guilty, I was not driving, I am not testifying and am not willing to testify. That ends it every time, they have no choice, there is no wa to prove you were the driver and you can not be compelled to testify against yourself or your family members.

(added 2009-10-14)

Where You'll Go To See The Evidence Related To Your Criminal Activity:

VI. What To Do Before You Get A Ticket

1. Contact the city and let them know what you think (check for contact info).
  • City of Kansas City Missouri Chief of Police
  • City of Kansas City Missouri DIrector of Traffic Engineering
  • City of Kansas City Missouri Director of Public Safety
  • City Clerk, City of Kansas City Missouri
2. Boycott Kansas City Missouri businesses and tell them why you are doing it.

3. Check the list of KC red light camera locations and remember where they are.

4. Add the GPS coordinates to your GPS device so you'll know where the red light cameras are in KC.

5. Install and use one of the many cell phone speed trap (and red light camera) apps.

VII. Additional Information

Missouri: Ethics Law Stops Traffic Camera Company
A former Kansas City, Missouri official is caught in the revolving door with the speed camera industry.

Steve WorleyCity employees who promote the acceptance of lucrative photo enforcement contracts are often rewarded with high-paying jobs at the firms that land the rights to issue automated tickets. In Kansas City, Missouri this revolving door has triggered ethics questions regarding a contract to issue up to $60 million in tickets.

City Traffic Engineer Steve Worley helped convince Kansas City officials that it was in their best interests to embrace speed cameras and red light cameras. These officials, desperate to fill a multimillion dollar budget gap, eventually agreed with the plan.

"The implementation of photo-radar would also have positive benefits from additional revenues generated by traffic fines," City Manager Wayne A. Cauthen wrote in the city budget submission in February 2006.

A few months later, a joint venture between German speed camera vendor Traffipax and Canada's Delcan Corporation hired Worley. The companies then sought to use Worley to ensure that his former employers would select them to operate the ticket program. On January 11, as reported by The Kansas City Star newspaper, Worley sent an email to city officials.

"As Kansas City continues to evaluate proposals, we hope that you will consider this important additional information," the email stated. "Ask [Gladstone city officials] why they feel our team stands above the rest."

The email violated a city ordinance banning employees who have left within a year from influencing any decisions that might personally enrich the former employee. Worley told the Star he had been unaware of that law when he sent the note.

On March 9, the city selected Worley's firm to manage the red light camera and speed camera contract. A lobbyist for rival camera vendor ATS is crying foul and wants the decision reconsidered. At least one city councilman agrees.
Source: Progress on red-light cameras comes to halt (Kansas City Star (MO), 5/2/2007)

People In Missouri Who Are Fighting The Red Light Cameras
  • Fenton residents James and Kara Hoekstra who sued ATS
  • Timothy Kilper, Christine Schorr and Ran Service Co. who have RICO suits against the govt
  • Arnold City Council member Matthew Hay, an opponent of red-light cameras and a founder of "Don't Tread on Me!"

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